Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina says Pakistan trying to sabotage elections with BNP’s help

Bangladesh goes to poll on December 30 amid a bitter political battle between Hasina’s Awami League and Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP).
Dhaka: Days before Bangladesh goes for the country’s 11th general elections – scheduled to be held on December 30, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the ISI was trying to sabotage the elections with the help of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) leaders.
“Why only blame Pakistan and ISI? If at all we have to blame, we should blame the BNP. BNP is taking bribe and money from the ISI to destroy the democratic structure of the country. There is no love for the country and its people. They do not want the country to make any progress,” Hasina told Zee Media.
She then took another dig at BNP – the main opposition party in Bangladesh, saying that the party leaders were charged with committing war crimes in 1971.
“In 1971, they were defeated in the country. They have been charged with war crimes and grenade attacks in the country. People rejected them and brought us to power. They killed our people and intellectuals. People of Bangladesh have not forgotten those days. They are extremely cautious about whom to vote and they are going to reject BNP,” added Hasina.
BNP and other opposition parties had boycotted the previous general elections held in 2014 and the ruling Awami League had won with more than 150 seats being uncontested.
Hasina also affirmed that Bangladesh believes in zero tolerance for terrorism in the country. She even backed India’s policy on Pakistan of no dialogue and deliberations till it puts an end to cross-border terrorism. She, indirectly, hinted at Pakistan’s soil being misused by terror groups to promote terrorism on foreign land. “There is zero tolerance for terrorism in our country. We are working with other countries, especially with our neighbouring countries, to counter terrorism. Terrorism is a global problem and all stakeholders should work with each other. One thing we are sure of and have taken steps towards is that we are not going to allow our land to promote terrorism on foreign soil,” she said.

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